Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven manufacturing


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Explore what AI can – and cannot – do to help manufacturing processes and machines perform better.


To some, “Artificial Intelligence” is a scary concept that invokes images of wars between men and machines. To others, AI holds the promise of increased machine and process performance because a clever algorithm can sift through millions of data points from our machines to find those hidden performance hogs. Whether you count yourself to the first or the latter group, we thought you’d like to know what AI can – and can not – do to help your processes and machines perform better.


At ei3, we started investing into AI technology in 2017, when we opened our own Data Science competence center in Zurich, Switzerland. Staffed by some of the most skilled and experienced brains in the field, we have since made significant contributions to the growing field of industrial AI, both scientifically and practically. Many of our clients now benefit from AI algorithms that provide them with a range of insights – from predictions on machine parts that require service to unique perspectives on machine and process performance.

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Register to Attend:

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For the first time, our Head of Data Science – Dr. Stefan Hild – has agreed to open the doors to our best-kept secret. Join us for an exclusive webinar and hear Dr. Hild talk about this journey to bring to ei3 the best that Industrial AI can deliver.


During this session, you will discover:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • How you can apply AI to your machine data to understand future machine performance and the impact of wear-and-tear


  • Why there is a strong ROI when using AI on your plant floor


  • The role of a secure and robust IoT platform in building the foundation for delivering AI at scale

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Who should attend? 


  • CEOs, CFOs: See how you can always know in advance if your operations are running at desired profit margins.
  • CTOs, CIOs: Learn how you can apply AI to transform operations from reactive to preemptive – and generate cost savings!
  • Plant Managers and Line Supervisors: Find out how you can benefit from AI – with real, tangible use cases and example from the field.
  • Marketers and Analysts: Find out what’s the real – and what’s not! about AI in Industry and Manufacturing.

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Our Speaker

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Dr. Stefan G. Hild
Data Science Director, ei3 Zurich


Dr. Stefan Hild is a veteran in the global IT industry with more than 20 years of professional experience. Stefan received a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, England, before embarking on a career as Researcher and Business Manager at IBM in Germany, Switzerland, and USA. He left IBM in 2016 while Partner for Industrial Solutions in the IBM Consulting Business, having overseen IBMs global strategy as well as most high-profile client projects in this area for more than a decade.

Stefan has a proven track record in capturing emerging trends and delivering them through to products. He has his name to more than 44 issued patents and has authored more than 100 scientific publications, books, and conference and industry presentations.

Stefan is a frequently requested speaker at trade conventions, industry groups, academic conferences, and private events. He is a life fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society; a member of the ACM, IEEE, and Mensa International. He holds an FAA private pilot license and instrument rating with more than 900 flight hours to date.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]