Bobst Announces Mobile Portal


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Bobst CEO Jean-Pascal Bobst (left) and Spencer Cramer, CEO of EI3 Corporation at Drupa presented the new App “Mobile Portal” for Smartphones that tracks machine productivity

Bobst introduces the Mobile Portal, an app for smart phones and tablets that remotely monitors machines and displays key production data.   Designed to meet the needs of the busy manufacturing manager or executive, Mobile Portal creates awareness about operations – whether the production floor is in the next room or on the other side of the world.

“Being the first major machine  supplier in the packaging industry to offer this type of Remote Monitoring demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with innovation and excellence in services”, said Stephan Maerz, Head of Business Unit  Services for Bobst.  “Mobile Portal builds upon our capabilities in remote monitoring and puts the information into the hands of those who need it with a high level of convenience.”

Mobile Portal is an extension of Bobst’s Internet service called Connect Portal and is based on remote monitoring machines and storing data  in the cloud.  This platform uses highly secure Internet technologies to remotely monitor machines for the purpose of tracking production and benchmarking performance.  “People are used to banking, and buying things  online,  even storing sales contacts,  so it’s easy to explain the value of storing machine data in the cloud.  All the same benefits of convenience, back-up and strong security apply.” Said Massimo Ardito, Service Products Portfolio Manager at  Bobst.

Mobile Portal presents clear and attractive machine displays with real time numbers for speed, production, and material produced.  Also Bobst has adopted the Lean Manufacturing best practice of using OEE, (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) to provide a high-level view of each machine’s performance.  Mobile portal also serves as a launching pad for Bobst’s advanced apps including Remote Monitoring and Downtime Tracking.

“Having the convenience of viewing machine productivity in plants around the world is a powerful game changing technology that makes the Mobile Portal a very powerful tool to promote efficient production”, said Raphael Indermuehle, Business Unit Services Head of Sales and Marketing.  He added, “Bobst machines are currently being shipped fully compatible with Mobile Portal, and we have solutions for older machines.”

“Mobile Portal” was developed in collaboration with Ei3 Corporation of Montvale, NJ.

Deutscher Drucker, the oldest and most highly regarded print magazine in the world, covered this topic in a press release



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