B&W MEGTEC – Industrial Internet of Things


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Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) At B&W MEGTEC

Connectivity is everywhere we look.   The buzz word of Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) and 4.0 are in every new article we pick up.  Even at home we now have an APP to alert us when our garage door opener is operated or if the freezer is getting too warm.   At B&W MEGTEC  http://www.babcock.com/en/megtec/services-support we are providing tools to proactively collect data and using preprogrammed alerts notify users of equipment that needs attention.  Using the B&W MEGTEC EnviroMonitor or the ProcessMonitor customers are able to increase the efficiency of their equipment.   In addition these tools provide automated report generation reducing the time it takes to provide corporate and government reports.

Technology is at our door step and available at a competitive price.  How do we embrace this technology to most effectively and wisely apply it to our equipment?    Sensor strategically mounted throughout the equipment provide information on the thermodynamic characteristics of the equipment and can compare base line operating information to current conditions and alert on degradation of operation.    B&W MEGTEC works to using existing sensor and tools to reduce the cost of implementing a remote monitoring solution.   The B&W MEGTEC Preventative Maintenance Group then uses the historical data to and running data to plan the most efficient use of the annual service and practically manage which components need to be updated each year.

IIot technology allows preflight information to be collected to plan for service events prior to shutting down crucial equipment and allowing for a greater amount of uptime throughout the year.