Enodia solves the Siemens PG-PC network dilemma

Remote service technicians are continually challenged to keep track of complex networking configurations for establishing communications to remote devices. This is especially problematic for the Siemens S-7 family of controllers where unintentional changes made to the PLC communication configuration can alter its program thereby causing a loss of communication and disruption of the machine operation.  To solve this critical issue Ei3 has launched is latest development, Enodia, a Remote Service Helper application, that enables IP address and port redirection during simultaneous remote machine connections over Ei3’s Argo remote service network.  Enodia, symbolically named after the Greek god of gateways, creates a transparent gateway over the secure Ei3 network, between computers using Siemens Step 7 PLC programming software to a Siemens Step 7 PLC on a machine.  Spencer Cramer, CEO of Ei3 Corporation, asserted that “the release of Ei3’s Enodia application demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement. Enodia increases the ability of service technicians to rapidly […]