What Lies Beneath a Cyber Breach


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The manufacturing industry is under attack and machine builders are not immune to the bad actors—known as hackers.

All across the U.S., manufacturers are silently struggling with an invisible force that threatens the livelihood of their businesses. This dark entity slips into an organization—often undetected—to steal passwords and intellectual property. Sometimes it demands money in exchange for unlocking enterprise servers. Sometimes it maliciously shuts down industrial machines in an attempt to cause physical harm, like an explosion. Other times, it’s not interested in the immediate prey, but has its sights set on a bigger victim, and therefore uses a company as a gateway into their partner networks.

It is the hackers of the world that are wreaking havoc on unsuspecting organizations. And it is not just large multinational manufacturers that are targets, but everyone in the supply chain, including OEMs.