By understanding the largest causes of unplanned downtime, reduction programs can be developed. But, getting accurate information about downtime can be challenging.  Downtime Tracking helps by capturing and analyzing machine downtimes.   Analyze the influence of various factors, such as shifts, job, tools, recipes. If you want to know about a particular downtime, set up an alert and we’ll let you know when it occurs.  After an improvement is made, you can run a report to show how the investment paid off.

Our Downtime Tracking application provides an easy way to get accurate downtime reporting for a machine or entire shop floor. Downtime Tracking works by analyzing equipment data to determine the amount of time a particular line or machine is not producing, or “down”.  Then this measured downtime is categorized into codes either by analyzing equipment controllers or by the machine operators using web pages. Immediate downtime reporting can be performed for a machine, group of machines or entire plant using a visual downtime reporting tool.






  • Pareto Chart of machine downtime
  • Visual tools for downtime assignment
  • Use your own codes & categories
  • Downtime alert notifications
  • Roll-up reporting for analysis
  • Automatically acquires downtimes from machines
  • Users can provide notes
  • Integrates with third party applications

Downtime Tracking at Work

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