Business Results Achieved using:   

US $1 Billion+

cumulative cost savings through the management of energy, water, and waste in LightStay since 2008 — verified by KEMA and DEKRA

30% Reduction

in carbon emissions
and waste output

20% Reduction

in water consumption
and energy use

Project Challenge:

Hilton sought a software solution to measure, analyze, and manage utility consumption across its large global portfolio. Hilton partnered with ei3 to establish a comprehensive utility management platform, based on ei3’s IoT solutions. This custom-built solution predicts hotels’ energy, water, and waste usage and tracks actual consumption against these predictive models.

LightStay is an innovative data-driven platform to measure social and environmental impact:

Utilizes machine-learning algorithms that continuously combine real-time operational data with complex models trained on historical information to forecast future energy consumption levels and evaluate operational efficiency. Automatically send alerts when a hotel falls below the expected performance level. Management is then prompted to take remedial actions.

In the nearly 100 years since its foundation, Hilton has established the global benchmark for excellence in hospitality. Today, Hilton maintains a diverse portfolio of 14 brands comprising nearly 5,400 properties in 106 countries.

In 2001, Hilton engaged ei3 to assist with its energy consumption. The resulting solution, LightStay, has since won numerous awards and is now mandatory for every Hilton property around the globe. LightStay significantly contributes to Hilton’s Corporate Sustainability Goals.

Any enterprise who wishes to monitor the use of resources can benefit from ei3’s capabilities in gathering, aggregating, and comparing operational data against modeled ideal usage to reduce cost and energy consumption while helping the environment.


LightStay Timeline


LightStay is introduced publically and implemented at every Hilton property


Through LightStay, Hilton earns portfolio-wide certification to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)


Hilton receives Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


By leveraging the LightStay system, Hilton is able to become the first hospitality company to achieve portfolio-wide certification to ISO 50001 ( Energy Management System)


LightStay awarded Environment Leader’s Product of the Year Award


Hilton announces $1 billion in cumulative savings achieved by using LightStay


Hilton introduces new Travel with Purpose commitment to cut environmental footprint in half by 2030, to be tracked by LightStay

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