Recently the Shodan database has been getting a lot of press.  On April 9, 2013, CNN Money called it “The scariest search engine on the Internet”. In this interview the founder of the Shodan database, John Matherly, highlights the importance of following security best practices when connecting equipment and devices to the internet.

 See TV Interview of Matherly

Anyone interested in reaping the benefits of remote monitoring and remote service should be aware of the dangers of not taking the proper steps to secure their equipment. Because the Shodan database shines a spotlight onto the devices which are not secure, the requirement for protecting machines behind security platforms has never been more urgent.

Ei3 provides a solution for protecting machines and devices with its cloud based Remote Service platform.

Ei3’s platform enables remote service to industrial machines and devices while protecting them from unauthorized access. This Platform-as-a-Service is used by machine manufacturers, OEMs and end-users to securely control and log access for remote technicians to access the electronic drives and controls that power up their equipment. Ei3’s innovative cloud security business model enables machine networks of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a substantial infrastructure with sophisticated security features while reducing costs.

Ei3’s secure network also enables M2M communications and remote monitoring of machine data. From a global network of data centers Ei3 provides a full suite of Software-as-a-Service apps that provide authorized users with valuable equipment data and key performance indicators to better understand their equipment operation characteristics.

To learn more you can request a copy of the whitepaper Choosing a Cloud Platform for Smart Services.