Time to focus on your most important

asset on the shop floor

What might it be – the spot welder? The injection molding machine?

The shrink wrapper? The cash register? No. 

It’s your operators.

Plant and line managers spend a great deal thinking about how to improve production, i.e., making it faster, eliminating bad products, or reducing cost. We will continue to find such improvements but how much better can we really get? Think on the other hand about your human capital. A good, well-trained, and well-motivated operator will be the best guarantee for a well-running shop floor, while any mistake made by a tired, distracted, or overworked operator will cost you dearly. In the end, the skill of the operators makes or breaks the success of the operation, yet we still rely on old-school methods to ensure they are as good as they can be.

Best operating principles manifest themselves in the machine data that your IoT solution records every day. For example, by comparing machine settings used between shifts, you may see different settings and maybe corresponding differences in machine efficiency, wear- and tear, or product quality. Advanced data analytics algorithms can detect such variations and many more by continuously monitoring your machine data. They can trigger alerts to management, or the operators themselves, to alert them to issues or potential problems. Issuing advise, but not an oversight, to the operators on the line.

ei3 has advanced analytics that can observe changes to machine settings, machine performance, and product quality. By observing differences over time we can infer human aspects and track them down to lines, machines, or shifts. Comparing performance can be turned into a fun game that will entice your operating crews to beat each other in finding better, more efficient ways to run the lines.