This Andon display gives a machine operator everything needed to understand how the shift is going.   Big, bold tiles show the status of Key Performance Indicators of Speed, Uptime, and Production.  Clear display of the immediate values make it easy to understand the current status in detail.  An innovative hourly bar graph inside the speed block shows the past 24 hours.

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Shows a percentage of time the machine was running.  This number is computed by measuring actual machine speed and comparing the number to a minimum threshold evaluated for the entire current shift.

Average Line Speed

This shows the average speed the machine logged from the beginning of the shift up to the current minute.

Shift Count

This shows the productivity of the machine for the current shift.  It’s a counter that automatically resets at shift change.

24 Hr Count

This is the amount of production the line made for the current 24 hour period.

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Impress – everything needed to maximize machine production

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