Identify root causes of machine downtime and support continuous
improvement programs, maximize asset utilization and ROI

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ei3 DOWNTIME identifies the operational issues that impact your bottom line, and helps you: 

  • Increase machine availability, resulting in higher OEE
  • Generate Pareto charts that show you the true, root causes of downtime 
  • Minimize unforeseen repair or warranty costs Define your priorities for upgrade and repairs to minimize warranty costs
  • Achieve situational awareness to react faster and avoid missed delivery deadlines

DOWNTIME achieves this by capturing and analyzing machine downtime events, as they occur.  It categorizes these events using algorithms to capture likely cause-and-effect, allowing you to identify and tackle the most frequent causes for downtime. This allows you to address the most urgent problems first, reducing machine downtime and increasing OEE.  

Go through this case-study or our success stories to understand the DOWNTIME advantage from the vantage point of real users.  

Downtime Pareto

Do we really need IIoT solutions to reduce downtime?
Can we not track downtime by hand?

While many facilities still document downtime manually, it is an extremely tedious, error-prone process that requires continuous attention. Manual documentation also results in misreporting, and often greatly underestimates the amount of time and obscures the true downtime causes.

The Real Cost of Downtime

A machine being down does not “just” result in a missed deadline. The cost of non-availability in today’s data-driven, fulfillment-oriented world is significantly higher than it may appear:

Reputation and Opportunity

Reputation and Opportunity

If client orders aren’t fulfilled on time, you cannot begin new projects without negatively impacting reputation and losing orders in the future.

Dead Capital

Dead Capital

Machines that lie idle are investment losses, consuming attention and valuable workspace.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Penalties

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Penalties

Formal assurances of your service/product can fall flat.

Hampered Responsiveness

Hampered Responsiveness

Downtime saps energy and diverts attention – impacting customer service, innovation, and increasing stress.



Downtime puts personnel into irregular operational environments, increasing the potential for safety-oriented issues.

24 Hour Downtime Insights
Mean Time Between Failure

The ei3 Advantage

DOWNTIME in real-time

Visualize & verify downtime reasons without missing a beat

Automatic Analysis and Insights

Get to the root of the most-damaging downtime events by generating Pareto charts based on tracking and operator feedback

Generate MTBF and MTTR Reports

Understand how long and how often an error code occurs on a machine and subsequent repair time

Auto-Alert Enabled

Use custom alerts to notify yourself or your teams of events that need attention via Email, SMS or pager

Customize and Expand with API Choices

Create visually engaging, informative displays with the necessary variables on demand

Why not use conventional methods like purchasing backup machines, or increasing planned downtime to solve the problem?

Increasing planned downtime does not ensure an overall reduction of downtime. More machines mean more capital cost. Preventative maintenance involves stocking up on particular infrastructure. These methods have penalties that modern manufacturers simply cannot afford, which is why they turn to IIoT solutions.

Connecting the Shop Floor to DOWNTIME



Our edge device, the Amphion, connects to your equipment’s PLC or database. Once plugged into the machine’s control cabinet, the Amphion will interrogate the machine controllers 24×7, accurately detecting and recording downtime events.



Based on your configuration, the event gets categorized automatically. If it can’t be, your operator can classify it using HMIs or webpages. Our robust features can analyze your plant’s KPIs and generate Pareto reports to perform root cause analysis.



With this information your team can roll out continuous improvement programs and track progress based on data – not gut feeling.

Does DOWNTIME work well with process control techniques like Six Sigma?

Six Sigma has become synonymous with efficient quality management and DOWNTIME brings forth methodology suited for Industry 4.0, aptly termed ‘Digital Six Sigma’. Making 100% inspection a reality, DOWNTIME can track variables such as quality deviations, malfunctions, and wear and tear, all in real time while making the data easily accessible on several dashboards – making subsequent analysis, improvement and control phases far more effective. 

From enabling faster changeover times in the packaging industry to understanding the real causes of downtime in plastics processing, ei3’s DOWNTIME has helped our clients vastly improve their industrial and organizational operations. Explore our success stories:

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