Remote Production Monitoring


Building success by turning machine data into knowledge.

Designed to enlighten manufacturing decisions, Ei3’s production monitoring creates value by acquiring machine information, calculating performance metrics and reporting results to stakeholders throughout your organization. We supply critical measurement tools to gauge the effectiveness of lean manufacturing, total quality management, improvement programs, and support six-sigma analytics. All information can be feed into your corporate ERP or business system for a fully automated solution that improves both accuracy and timeliness.

Many staff-years of development has been invested to meet the specific needs of the converting, printing and continuous web industries. Production monitoring is offered to manufacturers as a software-service for a monthly fee, and provides outstanding value due to its out-of-the-box ability to achieve results.

To get a shop-floor set up and ready, our skilled networking and electrical engineers will work along-side facility personnel establishing the required connections to the automation controls on monitored equipment. By using existing devices to provide production data the plant is both increasing the accuracy of information and reaping a higher return-on-investment. Since our application is offered as a service, nearly all of the traditional costs associated with deploying a plant floor system are avoided.