The IoT Uplink: The Rapidly Growing Importance Of Remote Monitoring

This week I did a web interview with Jeff Reinke for the latest episode of The IoT Uplink, a new video series examining all the factors driving, influencing and adding to the complexity of the Internet of Things movement.  Jeff’s show focuses on the growth and expansion of industrial wireless connections, M2M communication and sensor integration.  I appreciate Jeff’s work producing this show because it helps to build an awareness of the business value of the Internet of Things.  By inviting guests to participate Jeff is helping develop the IoT community within manufacturing.  My part starts around 2:00 in, enjoy


Spencer Cramer

Spencer Cramer founded ei3 in 1999 to follow his vision that advanced Internet applications could help machine owners increase production, improve service, enhance product quality and save energy. As Chief Executive Officer he is responsible for strategy and growth. In addition to ei3, Spencer serves on the boards of PaceWorx, an energy assessment company and OMAC, the Organization for Machine Automation and Control.