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Hear the ei3 Symphony

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ei3 Symphony is an asset monitoring and predictive maintenance solution that combines smart sensor technologies with machine learning and AI to deliver unique insights into the inner workings of your machine. Changes to the spectrum of signals emitted by the machine are detected immediately, interpreted, and alerts sent to machine operators.


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During operation, all machines emit a spectrum of information ranging from low-frequency vibrations, higher level audio signals, to high-frequency emissions.

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Like a fingerprint, this spectrum will stay constant during normal operation, while any deviation can be a sign of deterioration or impending failure.

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ei3 has developed a range of broad-spectrum sensors that can pick up this fingerprint, provide on-site analysis, and relay any relevant information to the ei3 cloud via the Amphion.

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Once collected, sophisticated data science algorithms analyse deviations from the fingerprint using techniques derived from machine learning and artificial intelligence and will alert users to issues, misalignments, or part failures.

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ei3 Symphony is really Artificial Intelligence that lives in the cloud

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The only visible component is our sensor, which is installed on your machine. It is a powerful embedded system, paired with an array of sensors, that measures data and executes on-device analysis before sending the essence of the measured spectrum to the cloud for further processing.

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Some technical specifications are below:

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  • Embedded quad-4 processor, capable of executing complex frequency spectrum analysis computations on-device; fully programmable
  • 3-Stage spectrum sensor, capable of detecting low-level vibrations starting at 0.2 Hz to ultra-sound range
  • Requires network connectivity to an ei3 Amphion for fully secure data collection, version exist for Ethernet and WLAN
  • Versions available with IP67 environmental protection


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