ei3 Data Science

Severin Pang

Data Scientist

Severin Pang is a member of the Data Science team in Zurich, bringing over 13 years of computing engineering experience gained at Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance, and IBM. At ei3, he leads the development and delivery of large-scale, data-intensive analytical projects that drive economic and environmental improvements for manufacturing, aerospace, and hospitality companies. 

Severin’s portfolio includes implementing AI functionalities for supporting ISS astronauts with hovering robots, formulating predictive maintenance models for machines, developing intelligent sensors for anomaly detection in frequency spectra, optimizing fuel efficiency for Airbus planes, and enhancing utility consumption management for over 6000 hotels worldwide. 

He holds a mathematics and statistics degree from LSE, a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Bern, and a Swiss state diploma as a computing engineer. In his free time, he enjoys family moments, creating music, and exploring the Swiss mountains.