Wave field sensor providing insights on machine part wear and tear through analysis of mechanical emissions

Listen to your machines and understand their innermost workings on wear and tear to avoid loss of performance and costly downtimes

SYMPHONY comprises a range of sensors tuned to record the machine behavior, from low level vibration frequencies, sounds, to high level ultrasound emissions beyond what the human ear can hear. SYMPHONY uses powerful on-board AI-algorithms in conjunction with ConnectedAI™ programs at the ei3 data centers to analyze these settings. Like experienced engineers and technicians, these algorithms use these emissions to detect wear and tear on mechanical machine components such as bearings, gear boxes, rotational equipment, or linear drives, for continuous optimum machine performance and predictive maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime.

With SYMPHONY, you can effectively:

  • Determine equipment health and be alerted if the impact of wear and tear leads the machine to deviate from the optimal baseline for its specific tasks.  
  • Predict machine downtime before it happens and avoid loss of time and performance. 
  • Help ensure the machine continues to operate at its optimum settings, despite the impact of wear and tear, avoiding loss of quality or excessive power consumption.
  • Utilize a suite of our tailor-made solutions that remedy critical pain points and more.
  • Set up Predictive Maintenance programs.

How SYMPHONY works

All machines on your factory floor emit a spectrum of information. This information can take several forms: low-frequency vibrations, high-level audio signals, and high-frequency emissions. These come from mechanical assemblies that involve rotational and linear motion, dealing with components like pumps, gearboxes, motors, cylinders, and more.  SYMPHONY is capable of self-tuning to monitor this spectrum closely, reading it like a fingerprint and picking up on any deviations from the normal.

Once SYMPHONY detects deviations, it can interpret them accurately and relay the information to the ei3 cloud. Further analysis in the ei3 data centers can leverage insights from an individual or a fleet of SYMPHONY devices to create specific and actionable results.  Operators, builders and a host of personnel can securely access this information and proactively pick up on impending failures or deterioration. Operators can set up an alerting system informing them about equipment issues in advance, which can factor into various solutions for optimizing productivity and eliminating downtime. 

The ei3 Advantage

SYMPHONY combines a range of highly sensitive sensors with powerful embedded signal processing and AI computing to create a compact and cost-effective smart sensor that is easily installed on the machine and integrated into the ei3 system. Here’s a list of features that showcase its prowess:


An embedded quad-4 ARM-based processor executes complex frequency spectrum analysis computations and application-specific data analysis on-device. It is also fully programmable to suit applications that are not already covered through out-of-the-box scenarios.

Ultra Sensitive

SYMPHONY’S 3-Stage spectrum sensor detects low-level vibrations starting at 0.2 Hz to the ultrasound range (better than 40kHz), at 14 bit resolution and at 800 Hz sampling rate.


Combined with the AMPHION, it can implement a fully secure data connection with access to the ei3 cloud. It is also externally shielded since it can come with IP67 environmental protection.

Enhanced Storage

16GB of onboard storage


Besides detecting anomalies from various machines, it can also showcase results in the machine-specific display of your choice. 


Symphony Product Sheet - Feature Image