NYX achieves best-in-class scrap rate with ei3’s AI manufacturing optimization

NYX Achieves Best-in-Class Scrap Rate with ei3’s AI Manufacturing Optimization   About NYX NYX is a leading automotive manufacturer and heavy user of Milacron’s large-scale injection molding machines. NYX signed up to Milacron’s “M-Powered” service, powered by ei3. M-Powered comprises a portfolio of analytical and observational IIoT-based technologies, developed by ei3, which enables Milacron’s clients […]

Driving efficiency and sustainability: A journey with ConnectedAI at ORBIS

About ORBIS ORBIS, a sister company of Menasha Corporation, has been a provider of innovative reusable plastic and steel packaging solutions since 1966. ORBIS caters to diverse markets, primarily focusing on retail supply, industrial, and automotive industries, delivering an extensive range of products from pallets and containers to totes and trays. Headquartered in Oconomowoc WI […]

SNAP: Savings made simple through automated network monitoring solutions

About Procentec Procentec stands at the forefront of innovation in network diagnostics, specializing in advanced solutions for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet, and Ethernet/IP networks. Headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands The Procentec Academy has certified thousands of engineers for seamless implementation and maintenance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks. Procentec strives to deliver cutting-edge products and services that […]

Leading American packaging company uses ei3’s IoT solutions to improve manufacturing

APC Converting and Packaging Blog Feature Image

About the Manufacturer In 2012, a prominent North American packaging and converting company ventured into the realm of AI -powered, data-driven manufacturing by incorporating ei3 technology into a single laminator.  Now, with 70 machines across five locations connected to ei3’s solution, the company has wholeheartedly embraced data-driven machine operations. Beyond mere metrics, the  company experiences […]

Milacron leverages ei3’s AI analytics for predictive machine operations

Feature Image - Milacron Predictive Operations

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqGy0t05pX4&t=1s Milacron is a global leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and service of sophisticated plastic processing equipment. Last year, Milacron rolled out “M-Powered,” a suite of IoT applications that allows Milacron users to access and monitor key performance indicators and provide remote diagnostics and maintenance services to their users. At the same time, Milacron launched a […]

ei3’s LightStay saves Hilton $1 billion in operating efficiencies

Feature Image - Lightstay energy management

LightStay helps Hilton reduce its energy consumption and cost, with significant results commercially and ecologically LightStay saves US $1 Billion+ cumulative cost savings through the management of energy, water, and waste in LightStay since 2008 — verified by KEMA and DEKRA 30% Reduction in carbon emissions and waste output 20% Reduction in water consumption and […]