MONITOR: Keep Control over your Industrial Machines

Join us for an engaging webinar as we introduce ei3 MONITOR, a powerful app to unlock the most valuable insights from your machines. Discover a wide range of use cases for machine monitoring through data collection, including alerts, trends, exporting for analysis in external software tools like Salesforce and Power BI, reporting, diagnostics/troubleshooting with the advantage of historical data, and comparisons after key events.

We will showcase real-world cases where MONITOR has created significant value in factories, highlighting practical guidance on drawing insights from data and creating value through people and automation.

This webinar is best for: 

  • Decision-makers and executives interested in the benefits of data-driven decision-making in their manufacturing enterprise
  • Individuals seeking to optimize machine performance and productivity
  • Automation and control system professionals

Adam Griffen
Product Manager, ei3

Access the webinar

Watch the MONITOR webinar to learn how ei3 can obtain in-depth machine and process data in real-time.

MONITOR allows technicians, operators and maintenance teams to access live and historic machine and process data at the touch of a button, through secure, remote connections. This data is invaluable for technicians, operators and maintenance teams. 

With MONITOR, they can access this data to:

  • Determine true downtime causes in the event of a malfunction
  • Set up alerts if machine parameters deviate from ideal values
  • Generate reports for both machine and process data
  • Turn real-time machine insights into optimal production measures
  • Access historic data and review trends

MONITOR is handy to machine builders
and providers. They can use its data to:

  • Improve the next generation of machines
  • Prevent unplanned downtime before it occurs due to real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Advise clients on best practices when setting up or using the machines
  • Ensure adherence to service level agreements