SERVICE: The Fastest ROI you can Achieve with Industrial IoT

In this SERVICE webinar, you will learn what it takes to deploy ei3 SERVICE for your machines. ei3 SERVICE provides vital connections for service technicians to industrial equipment. Using this application, a wide variety of use cases are available at your fingertips that immediately and directly affect the way that industrial machines can be serviced, provisioned, and monitored.

If you are a machine builder, ei3 SERVICE will radically transform the way you provide after-sales service to your customers, reduce warranty costs, and increase customer satisfaction. If you are a machine owner, you will benefit from immediate problem resolution, allowing your machines to stay operating.

This webinar is best for: 

  • Plant managers and supervisors
  • Operations and maintenance personnel
  • IT and network administrators in industrial settings
  • Decision-makers and executives interested in the latest advancements and trends in remote services

Adam Griffen
Product Manager, ei3

Access the webinar

Ensure“ZERO TRUST REMOTE ACCESS” to industrial networks with ei3's SERVICE

Watch the webinar to discover how SERVICE securely does away with the connection gap between equipment manufacturers and their installed machines. Machine builders can amplify their diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, minimizing machine downtime for their customers.

Machine builders can use SERVICE to:

  • Enable secure, remote, real-time troubleshooting capabilities
  • Drastically reduce travel time and cost for service technicians
  • Reduce warranty costs
  • Shorten equipment startup time while reaping machine profits quicker 

The benefits of SERVICE aren’t exclusive to OEMs. End users benefit from:

  • Reduced machine downtime and associated losses
  • Renewed focus on the core business as machine health is taken care of
  • Diagnosis of true downtime causes that might not be machine-related
  • Mitigating machine issues that get in the way of achieving production targets and client deadlines
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