Bobst and ProMach to share machine service success stories at the ARC Industry Forum

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Two of ei3 customer’s, Bobst and Pro Mach, will be presenters at this year’s ARC forum on Wednesday February 11, at 4PM in a session titled “Machines as a Service Enabler.”The focus of this session is to take a deep look at how machine builders are leveraging the architecture of the Industrial Internet of Things to implement service programs that provide customers with predictive maintenance programs that improve the uptime of machinery. 

The session will be hosted by Sal Spada, ARC’s Research Director of Discrete Automation, who will bring his perspective on how machine builders are altering their business models to identify alternative revenue streams while also providing their customers improved reliability of equipment. ei3’s transformative industrial internet technology is used by machine builders within a wide range of industries to respond to the opportunities created by new business models such as “Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet”, “Connected Manufacturing”, and “Connected Asset Value Networks.”

The session, “Machines as a Service Enabler” will provide valuable benefits to machine building companies that are considering the use of the industrial internet to expand their service programs. Topics presented will include how companies can create secure remote access to machine controllers to enable technical support and how that can reduce a machine builder’s costs during the start-up and warranty period. These remote support programs can also become the basis of on-going service contracts. Also presented will be how secure data monitoring connections are delivered using Software-as-a-Service methods that can be brand labeled by the machine builder.

Machine builders are uniquely positioned to provide machine data services to their customers and can charge for these services as recurring revenue subscriptions. Together these internet-enabled remote monitoring and remote support capabilities contribute to the large business opportunity which is the main theme of this year’s ARC Forum, “Industry in Transition: The Information Driven Enterprise for the Connected World.”

Bobst, the world’s leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries, has been providing industrial internet services based on ei3’s solutions to their customers since 2004. Mathieu Robyr, Bobst’s e-Services Product Manager, will share how Bobst leverages the value of Internet services to sell optimization programs to their customers. Pro Mach, a company that provides 25 trusted brands of equipment to leading packaging companies, plans to reduce costs while providing customers with valuable remote monitoring services.

Mark Ruberg, Pro Mach’s Director of Business Collaboration, will share how Pro Mach is using ei3’s mature industrial internet solutions to meet this business opportunity. ei3’s CEO, Spencer Cramer, will participate on the panel discussion that will follow the presentations.companies that are considering the use of the industrial internet to expand their service programs. 

For more information about the ARC Industry Forum or about the Machines as a Service Enabler session, visit the ARC web site.

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