OMAC and ei3 release report on EU cybersecurity compliance

Expert insights into compliance guidelines for EU’s Cyber Resilience Act

New York, NY – Mar 28, 2024 – OMAC, the leading industry association for machine automation and control, has collaborated with ei3 to publish a report titled “Guidance for Business Leadership On EU Cybersecurity Regulations & Directives.” The document provides practical guidance and best practices for compliance to the European Commission’s new Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which mandates stringent cybersecurity measures for all digital products sold in EU markets.

The report comprehensively covers topics outlined in the CRA, including the legislative progress, affected industries and entities, guidelines for product design, compliance responsibilities throughout the product lifecycle, best practices for product development, and providing evidence of CRA compliance.

Spencer Cramer, OMAC’s Chairman and the Founder and CEO of ei3, emphasized the significance of this Act in mitigating cyber attacks in a digitally evolving manufacturing landscape.

"The implementation of this initiative from the European Commission is crucial, given the escalation of cyber threats. The insights in this report, gathered from task force members spanning various industries and backgrounds, will play a pivotal role in guiding businesses through CRA compliance by helping to safeguard both their products and customers."

OMAC’s CRA task force, led by Adam Griffen, ei3’s Product Manager and ​​OMAC’s Digital Transformation Workgroup Leader, drew insights from 18 industry experts. The report’s compliance guidelines serve to enhance organizations’ awareness of potential digital vulnerabilities, from manufacturers to end users, and prompt comprehensive risk assessment practices.

"As cybersecurity’s relevance and importance in automation grows, so too will the need for regulations like the EU’s CRA. OMAC anticipates cybersecurity regulations will continue to impact automation around the globe, and we must prepare our members and the industries we serve for that impact."

Visit to download the report and ensure your business achieves CRA compliance.

Learn more at NPE

ei3 will be presenting key insights and best practice recommendations from the guide at the upcoming 2024 NPE Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida. The presentation, titled “What the European Union’s Cyber Resilience Act Means for Your Business” will take place on May 8th at 2 PM.

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The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) helps manufacturers and suppliers work together to identify new and innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their production operations. OMAC brings together leading End-User Manufacturers, OEM Machine Builders, System Integrators, Technology Providers, and Non-Profit/Government Agency organizations to address issues that confront global manufacturing today. OMAC’s two working groups, Packaging and Manufacturing, lead the way in producing industry consensus guidelines that help manufacturers reduce their delivery times, be more efficient with available resources, and increase profitability. More information is available at

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