BOBST Monitoring Apps – Customer Testimonial


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“The machine operators are now fully aware of their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) on a real-time basis”

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Frankston Packaging – Frankston, Texas, USA

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Customer service is the top priority for Texas folding carton, flexibles and label manufacturer, Frankston Packaging and ensuring that they always meet their customers’ needs means maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), says Drew Mullinnix, Continuous Improvement Manager at the company. “The BOBST services team for our region brought to our attention their remote monitoring apps and services. We connected our Bobst machines to the system and they give us real time, visual awareness of our productivity and let us take corrective actions based on real numbers, not speculation.”

The BOBST apps used at Frankston Packaging include Downtime Tracking and Remote Monitoring, which let staff monitor production from a computer, tablet, or even a Smartphone, from wherever they are – in the plant, nearby, or even in a different state or country – as long as they have an Internet connection. The information provided by the system enables immediate action to be taken to remedy any issues affecting production,” says Mr Mullinnix. “The machine operators are now fully aware of their OEE on a real-time basis and we have seen a steady and measured improvement in all three components of OEE.”

The BOBST apps have also helped the plant identify and solve some OEE issues through maintenance, training or using BOBST’s Helpline Plus service. “The number one improvement has been machine availability,” adds Mr Mullinnix.


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