SNAP: Streamlined Savings with Automated Network Monitoring Solutions

The Challenge

Manufacturers face challenges in ensuring high uptime for PROFIBUS and PROFINET connected machinery, often relying on highly trained technicians to interpret oscilloscope data, limiting analysis to costly working hours.

The Solution

Procentec introduces SNAP (Synthetic Neurologic Analytic Processor), a revolutionary network monitoring solution that uses AI-driven algorithms developed by ei3. SNAP analyzes low-level electrical signals, traffic, and error data, translating the results into easily understandable graphics. This innovative solution detects, locates, and identifies network faults and latent hardware issues, providing real-time insights for efficient repair and maintenance.

About Procentec

Procentec stands at the forefront of innovation in network diagnostics, specializing in advanced solutions for PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet, and Ethernet/IP networks.

  • Headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • The Procentec Academy has certified thousands of engineers for seamless implementation and maintenance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.


Procentec strives to deliver cutting-edge products and services that enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and overall network performance.

Revolutionizing Network Maintenance


In the case of PROFIBUS, SNAP utilizes information collected by PROCENTEC’s ComBricks. The ComBricks monitor the network with an oscilloscope-like signal recorder. Those signals reveal network issues but a trained and experienced technician is usually required to interpret them. With SNAP, the data is instead relayed to an AI-based algorithm developed by ei3 to detect, locate, and identify network errors. 

The outcomes are translated into easily comprehensible graphics, accompanied by straightforward instructions for clients to address and maintain their systems effectively.


Likewise, for PROFINET networks PROCENTEC uses the ATLAS device to record network activity and error messages. This information is also given the AI treatment by ei3 – raw error and traffic messages and interpreted to reveal hidden network faults and latent hardware issues.


Accelerated Diagnostics

SNAP streamlines the diagnostic process, delivering results in 2 minutes or less compared to traditional methods taking hours.

Continuous Monitoring

Operating continuously, SNAP ensures ongoing network health at a fraction of a network technician’s annual salary.

Cost-Efficient Solution

As part of Procentec’s digitization and automation initiative, SNAP offers a cost-effective solution for preventing costly network outages.

Rapid Market Adoption

Six months post-launch, SNAP has gained swift market acceptance, with major clients, including a global e-commerce platform, relying on it to monitor extensive network infrastructure across 42 global locations.

Global Application

SNAP is successfully deployed to monitor warehouse infrastructure with a total of 176 PROFIBUS and 33 PROFINET networks in 42 global locations.

Unique AI-Based Approach

Leveraging ei3’s unique AI-based approach, SNAP represents a significant advancement in industry 4.0 and innovative network monitoring practices.

SNAP Cover

Read the case study for a detailed look at how ei3 powers SNAP

SNAP Cover

Read the case study for a detailed look at how ei3 powers SNAP