ei3 Corporation releases its inaugural ESG report

Pearl River, NY – Feb. 22, 2023 –The ei3 Corporation announced today the release of its first-ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, highlighting the company’s diverse initiatives and practices aimed at building a sustainable future. 

“Our commitment to ESG stems from the critical need to address the escalating environmental crisis and the growing social disparities that affect us all,” said Spencer Cramer, founder and CEO of ei3. “We are actively developing innovative solutions that promote sustainable manufacturing. Our aim is to foster a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the industry. We take pride in sharing our inaugural ESG report, which we recognize is an important step forward in taking responsibility for our actions and holding ourselves accountable to a standard of continuous improvement.”

"Our commitment to ESG stems from the critical need to address the escalating environmental crisis and the growing social disparities that affect us all."

In 2022, ei3’s leadership increased resources and investments towards its ESG initiatives. In addition to developing cutting-edge AI-based technologies to optimize manufacturing operations and promoting a greener industry, ei3 prioritized environmental sustainability in its day-to-day office operations, making meaningful progress towards reducing its carbon footprint. ei3 also worked to strengthen its social impact by forging deeper connections with local communities through volunteering and supporting charitable causes. 

This report outlines ei3’s progress in addressing some of the key ESG issues. For example, in 2022 ei3 ensured that all of its global data center operations are carbon neutral, giving clients the confidence that their data is collected, stored, and analyzed in a “climate-neutral cloud.”

To read, ei3’s full ESG Report, visit

About ei3 Corporation

Founded in 1999, ei3 delivers a suite of no-code IIoT and AI applications to help manufacturers and machine builders boost operational efficiency, and sustainability, save on costs and implement predictive business models. Printing, Plastics, Packaging, and Commercial Real estate are some of the company’s key market segments. ei3 is headquartered in New York with offices in Bangalore, Montreal, Tokyo, and Zurich. For more information, please visit


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