In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Ei3 Corporation’s main office in Montvale, New Jersey resumed operations today after being without power for 7 days. During this difficult week all of our production Software-as-a-Service apps were maintained fully functional. Many thanks to the Ei3 technical team who worked remotely in adverse conditions and found creative solutions to find power and internet to monitor our global computing infrastructure.

Because of difficulty with the phone systems, we were unable to answer your calls for the past seven days but that is now fixed. If you did try to contact us, we apologize and hope you understand.  Special thanks to those of you who reached out to us to express concern and well wishes, your encouragement was greatly appreciated.


Spencer Cramer

Spencer Cramer founded ei3 in 1999 to follow his vision that advanced Internet applications could help machine owners increase production, improve service, enhance product quality and save energy. As Chief Executive Officer he is responsible for strategy and growth. In addition to ei3, Spencer serves on the boards of PaceWorx, an energy assessment company and OMAC, the Organization for Machine Automation and Control.


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