Industrial Internet is gaining momentum

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GE released a study today showing that the industrial Internet has the potential to boost the global GDP by as much as $10 to $15 Trillion by 2030. This report comes on the heels of an article published last week in the New York Times that reported on GE’s plans to invest $1 Billion to create a new software center by 2015. This facility is planned to have 400 computer scientists and software engineers developing products that will bring digital intelligence to the physical world of the industry at a scale never before seen.

From ei3’s perspective, these are welcome developments affirming our efforts over the past 12 years. We know that the Internet of Things is changing the way manufacturers produce their goods and unleash tremendous gains in productivity and sustainability. When one of the largest companies in the world takes concrete steps to address this market opportunity we applaud their efforts and wish them much success.

For those who want to immediately harness the powerful benefits of the industrial Internet, ei3 has a unique service offering that might be just the right solution. We offer a full range of products including a robust industrialized appliance, the Amphion edge device which securely connects to the cloud. Our comprehensive suite of no-code applications transforms Amphion-derived data into actionable intelligence. This includes analyzing downtime, monitoring machine behavior, servicing machines remotely, ensuring quality control, optimizing production performance, crafting efficient recipes, and delivering essential sustainability metrics. This enables precise decision-making that can enhance your business operations.

Our white-labeled software-as-a-service products are customizable to meet your specific needs and are designed for seamless delivery to end users through machine and device manufacturers. ei3’s offering enables companies to pursue a low-risk industrial internet strategy that ensures the fastest possible time to market. 

Contact us to see how easy it is to participate in this technology-driven revolution.

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