OMAC and ei3 drive manufacturing advancement with new Ethernet deployment guide

Unveiling expert-backed insights into reasons for differences in Ethernet designs in manufacturing
2024-02-07 - Ethernet Implementation Guide Release

New York, Feb. 06, 2024 — OMAC, the leading industry association for machine automation and control, in collaboration with ei3, is proud to announce the release of ‘Wired for Success: Strategic Insights into the Deployment of Ethernet Networks in Manufacturing.’ The guide is set to be unveiled at the prestigious 28th Annual ARC Industry Leadership Forum.

Developed by a consortium of industry experts including leading OEMs, system integrators, technology providers, and end users, ‘Wired for Success’ offers insights and observations about the unique implementation of Ethernet networks on manufacturing plant floors. It tackles the intricacies of Ethernet usage, distinguishing between IT and OT operations, and addresses common concerns that hinder manufacturing’s transition to Ethernet networks. 

The guide, a result of extensive collaboration, promotes the establishment of a common language and shared objectives to streamline Ethernet adoption, addressing implementation challenges such as network segmentation, monitoring tools, support, and network security.

“This guide will serve as a valuable resource for organizations striving to implement efficient and secure Ethernet networks. It offers industry expertise to guide IT and OT Teams through manufacturing complexities.”

Mark Fondl, OMAC’s Digital Transformation Workgroup Leader and Vice President of Product Management at ei3, underscored the potential of secure Ethernet deployment in optimizing production and increasing productivity on plant floors. Fondl will provide in-depth insights about the guide at its launch event following the ARC Industry Leadership Forum on February 8th. 

Gary Workman, co-lead of the Ethernet Workgroup and the mind behind GM’s EtherNet/IP I/O networking strategy, stresses its importance in aligning IT practices with the unique demands of manufacturing networks

“Typically, an IT department follows a set approach for Ethernet network management, from design to security. However, the traditional IT approach to Ethernet networks must evolve to accommodate the specific requirements of manufacturing environments.”

David Gutshall from Cisco, also a co-lead of the Ethernet Workgroup, highlighted the guide’s comprehensive approach, saying, “It complements the detailed Cisco-Rockwell CPwE and other documents by explaining the variations in manufacturing Ethernet networks from multiple perspectives. It uniquely bridges the knowledge gap in Ethernet’s role in manufacturing.”

The guide not only provides industry insights but also serves as a tool for professionals at all levels to understand and execute Ethernet implementation effectively in the manufacturing context.

To read the Executive Summary and purchase the guide, please visit OMAC.

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OMAC and ei3 drive manufacturing advancement with new Ethernet deployment guide

OMAC and ei3 release 'Wired for Success: Strategic Insights into the Deployment of Ethernet Networks in Manufacturing,' offering insights and observations into the unique implementation ...