ei3 launches PERSEUS – A ConnectedAI-solution for pneumatic air optimization

2022-09-09-PERSEUS Launch

New York, Sep. 12, 2022 – ei3 today announced the launch of PERSEUS, a powerful optimization solution for compressed air, at the 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago. PERSEUS consists of an advanced edge device  and an accompanying Industrial IoT application. The edge device puts ei3’s ConnectedAITM to work to help industrial manufacturers save compressed air by developing a consumption baseline that is subsequently used to detect part failures and leaks, and their cause, thereby providing an AI solution for manufacturers to ensure the efficient use of pneumatic air.

PERSEUS has been designed to work perfectly together with the industry-leading innovative Air Management System (AMS) that was recently launched by SMC. The SMC Air Management System easily adds pressure and flow measurement abilities, and a modern data communications tool to a machine’s air preparation assembly. In addition, wireless connectivity permits networking of multiple remote machines to a single base. Using the data stream from SMC devices, PERSEUS is able to analyze the flow and pressure demand of the machines to characterize machine operation, indicate condition-based maintenance needs, and enhance digitalization company-wide

“Plant operators are already familiar with the high cost of pneumatic air leaks but struggle to find them. With the release of PERSEUS, ei3 is bringing the power of AI to the shop floor and delivering a tool that finds the leaks so they can be fixed. I’m excited about the potential energy savings that PERSEUS will bring to manufacturing."

Using ei3’s ConnectedAI, PERSEUS monitors airflow in real-time, creating baseline measurements for its usage, and immediately detects changes in machine behavior, lapses, or leaks which lead to over-usage. The PERSEUS AI uses variables such as leak rate, power changes, and machine cycles to identify leaks and monitor machine state and behavior. When optimization opportunities are discovered, PERSEUS immediately notifies an operator. Insights delivered with the launch of PERSEUS can also be used to track machine failures or the effects of wear and tear by identifying changing air usage patterns.

Users who take actions based on the recommendations of PERSEUS can expect reductions in compressed air requirements by 10-15% – a significant energy saving for manufacturers because compressed air consumption generally accounts for 10% of the total energy usage in a plant. Saving a significant amount of energy by reducing air consumption contributes to the overall efficiency of the plant’s operations.

Leak detection alone is a cumbersome process today, which is effectively eliminated and automated by PERSEUS. Traditionally, operators apply detection strategies, such as manual scans and older brush and soap techniques. However, these strategies are expensive, wasteful, and ineffective because they rely on available personnel and lack sustained precision due to time pressures.

PERSEUS offers accurate, scalable, and low-cost operation without any additional maintenance. The launch of PERSEUS is the latest solution from ei3, aimed toward a more efficient and sustainable future for manufacturing.

About ei3 Corporation

The ei3 Corporation delivers ConnectedAI solutions for machine builders and manufacturers to operate more efficiently and sustainably. From our first installation in 1999 to over 100,000 connected machines, buildings, and assets globally, we help our customers reach the next level of operational performance while reducing waste and saving significant costs. Printing presses, injection molding machines, and packaging equipment are some of the company’s key market segments. ei3 is headquartered in New York with offices in Montreal and Zurich. 

For more information, please visit ei3 at

About SMC Corporation of America

SMC Corporation of America, headquartered in Noblesville, IN, is a subsidiary of SMC Corporation in Japan, a comprehensive manufacturer of components for the automation, controls, and process industries. Its global network consists of technical centers in Japan, the United States, Europe, and China with the corporate goal of achieving the global standard for sustainable automation by reducing overall compressed air and electrical consumption by partnering directly with all stakeholders.

For more information, please visit SMC at

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