Kairos Adventures wins the 2023 Defender Service Award for Community Service

Kaiors Adventures wins Community Service award

Kairos Adventures was announced as the winner of the Community Service Award during Land Rover’s third annual Defender Service Awards ceremony at the Iron Horse Ranch in Somerville, Texas. As the sponsor of the community service category, ei3 is honored to recognize and support the efforts of this non-profit organization by awarding them a $25,000 […]

Advancing productivity with ei3’s newest IoT features

2023-08-25 - Scrap Tracking & Run Rate OEE

ei3 has recently introduced two significant enhancements to its IoT application suite, giving manufacturers new ways to maintain competitiveness and improve their products and processes. These features are particularly relevant today because more manufacturers are seeking ways to boost productivity.  For example, according to a recent National Manufacturing Survey by Marcum LLP, 60% of participants […]

The ei3 intern experience

Intern experience at ei3

ei3’s internship program offers students and new graduates a unique opportunity to apply their skills to real-world projects. ei3’s company culture promotes a positive work environment in which each intern’s contribution is truly valuable to the company’s mission. Flexible schedules and a supportive leadership team enable students to pursue their passions and continue their education […]

Celebrating ei3’s employees: The team behind the company’s growth

2022-09-16-People Story - ei3's Employees

ei3’s success is rooted in the vision of its founder and the skills of its engineers. This is as true today as it was in 1999 when a handful of talents gathered around Spencer Cramer to lay down the foundation of what would become the world’s longest-running industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) company. Over the years, ei3 […]

How to use data to streamline your manufacturing process

Data for manufacturing - Feature Image

It certainly seems as if we’ve been hearing “big data” talk continually for years now. While it’s true that in some respects we’re well into the so-called big data revolution though, it is also fair to say we’ve only just begun to see the impact of proper data usage. Current projections of worldwide data at Network […]

OEE – The hidden truth that no one tells you!

OEE tracking hidden truth - Feature Image

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) has been a staple KPI for production managers for almost fifty years, but surprisingly few solutions in use today deliver an objective truth of machine performance. The stakes are high for manufacturers. To thrive in a competitive market, you need to get the most out of your machines. Tracking OEE can tell […]

Manufacturing in the era of Covid-19

Manufacturing during Covid-19 - Feature Image

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a familiar standard in the manufacturing environment. Industrial equipment builders and owners alike prioritize employee safety at the highest level, and in turn OSHA requires that each employer offer a work environment that is free of hazards. The OSHA general duty clause, Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety […]

Build a winning digital strategy by choosing the right partners

Building a winning strategy - Feature Image

Digital business strategy – Building an IoT platform Considering large benefits to be gained, many companies decide to embrace IoT full-front and set out to build their own in-house solution. Their strategy is guided by the notion that the revenues coming from their new digital services will become too great to share, and that a […]

Benchmark machine’s Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

OEE Benchmark - Feature Image

It’s hard to identify which machines need attention on a plant floor because there’s so much going on. If your plant is like most, you might have both new and old machines, they’re running simple and complex jobs, and each one has different specs and features. It may feel nearly impossible to tell which machines […]

ei3’s data science methodology

Predicting the health of your machinery is much harder than asking for a limit set of predetermined convenience functions and requires specialized algorithms that are tuned to the machine and its operating environment. The best AI tools are needed to create successful predictive algorithms, but most of all talented and experienced data scientists that understand […]