ei3 Data Science

Andrew Sikora

Data Scientist

Andrew Sikora is a Data Scientist at ei3. His primary specialization at ei3 is the development of the newest device, PERSEUS, for gaining rich insights from pneumatic data. This has resulted in the successful deployment of the first PERSEUS device at an industry-leading facility. Andrew also plays a key role in optimizing wastewater pumping stations and dealing with industrial Ethernet diagnostics using protocols such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

With a background in astrophysics, particularly in radio astronomy at McGill University, Andrew brings a unique perspective to ei3’s data science team. His educational background has equipped him with a strong foundation in neural networks and statistical analysis, which he applies daily to his projects at ei3. Outside of work, Andrew is a firm believer in “healthy body, healthy mind” and engages in various activities, including rock climbing, snowboarding, cycling, running, and the occasional home brewing of beer.