ei3 Data Science

Christoph Ehrat

Executive Advisory Board Member
ConnectedAI Team - Christoph Ehrat

Christoph Ehrat brings over two decades of legal and business expertise to his role on the executive advisory board at ei3. His tenure with multinational corporations has equipped him with a deep understanding of the global business framework and a strategic approach to tackle challenges with innovative solutions. Using his strong negotiation skills and extensive network, built through years of partnership with executive teams and board members, Christoph plays a pivotal role in steering strategic growth and navigating complex business environments.

His practical experience as a board secretary for leading companies like Quadrant and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials showcases his adeptness in corporate governance and risk management. Christoph excels in devising pragmatic solutions that serve business objectives while ensuring compliance with legal standards. He has been instrumental in developing key documentation for intellectual property and antitrust compliance, as well as spearheading data protection initiatives.

In his leisure time, Christoph enjoys golfing, reading, and indulging in culinary arts. Together, these pursuits reflect Christoph’s passion for life, his commitment to lifelong learning, and the joy he finds in mastering new challenges.