ei3 Data Science

Justas Katkus

Data Scientist
ConnectedAI Team - Justas

Justas Katkus is a Data Scientist with 2.5 years of tenure as part of our esteemed team. His journey in data science commenced during his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at ETH Zürich. During his tenure with us, he has made valuable contributions to pivotal projects, including data analysis and algorithm development for Injection Molding machines, aimed at enhancing machine efficiency and energy conservation.

His academic foundation from ETH Zürich serves as a robust platform for his work in data science, enabling him to tackle diverse fields, ranging from machine data analysis to anomaly detection on construction sites. Beyond the realms of numbers and algorithms, Justas discovers his inspiration through windsurfing, savoring the simple joys and balance it brings to his life.

Passionately committed to the impactful work undertaken at ei3, Justas eagerly looks forward to continued learning and contribution.