ei3 leads OMAC’s initiative to create a Practical Guide for Remote Access to Plant Equipment

Remote Access through the internet is a powerful way to solve many problems that occur with plant floor equipment. If the Remote Access solution is not done right, it might introduce problems, operational difficulties, and even cybersecurity vulnerabilities to the plant floor.

With this in mind, The Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) convened a “Remote Access Workgroup” of 37 elite leaders representing major manufacturing companies, OEMs, system integrators, and automation vendors to create a comprehensive guide. Facilitated by ei3 Corporation and sponsored by OMAC, this guide for network-based Remote Access and data collection methods for industrial applications is based on comprehensive research of existing technologies, deployed solutions, and emerging requirements in terms of security and privacy. 

Data Governance Workgroup Leader - Mark Fondl
Workgroup Leader - Mark Fondl
Data Governance Workgroup Admin - Richa Patel
Workgroup Admin - Richa Patel

About the Practical Guide for Remote Access Workgroup


This document is the result of the assistance of many individuals from around the world, representing end users, OEMs, system integrators, and automation vendors. Involving various individuals from the automation ecosystem provides a broader outlook at this topic which balances the requirements of the user with the services of the supplier.
  • Leading Manufacturing Companies such as CargillDole Vegetables, and Frito Lay – PepsicoP&G
  • Global OEMs including Durr USAID TechnologyITW HartnessMettler ToledoMilacronNordson Corporation, and ProMach
  • System Integrators like AvanceonGrantekMartin CSIOmniconOutlier AutomationPREMIER System IntegratorsRovisysSAGE
  • Vendors such as BeckhoffCIPA GmbHei3EtherCAT Technology GroupMitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.SICKSiemens and
  • Industry Associations like the PMMI amongst others


Challenges with Remote Access

Chapter 1:

Evolution of Remote Access

Chapter 2:

Assess your Current Situation 

Chapter 3:

Improve IT/OT Collaboration

Chapter 4:

Developing a Remote Access Plan 

Chapter 5:

Summary and Recognition of Participants

Member Experiences

In addition to the "Practical Guide for Remote Access to Plant Eqipment," ei3 actively works with industry groups to encourage the use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet the growth and sustainability challenges of the 21st century.