ConnectedAI: A Machine Learning Approach to Practical Predictive Insights

In the pursuit of increased production efficiency, manufacturers are grappling with mounting economic pressures and evolving sustainability needs.

Amid the excitement and concerns surrounding recent AI advancements, particularly “ChatGPT,” AI emerges as the key player for a revolutionary leap in production performance. Our new ConnectedAI whitepaper explores ei3’s unique AI approach in industrial manufacturing: By applying innovative federated machine learning on extensive process data and budget-friendly sensor inputs, we achieve a comprehensive assessment of machine health, providing valuable insights to optimize production and increase your bottom line.

Meet “ConnectedAI” – ei3’s federated learning solution designed exclusively for the manufacturing sector. Paired with “Symphony,” a smart and cost-effective sensor, ConnectedAI excels in detecting and analyzing acceleration, vibration, and sound data from industrial machines. 

Read our detailed technical paper covering ConnectedAI’s diverse applications, its strong technical foundation, and the physics behind the Symphony sensor.

Download the ConnectedAI Whitepaper


ConnectedAI is based on three key concepts that are combined to deliver unprecedented insights into operators, machines, and processes:

ConnectedAI extends intelligence to machines around the world

AI and machine learning algorithms work with large data sets of process and contextual data at the edge. They operate in a distributed and coordinated manner to create meaningful insights in the back end using historical and fleet level data.

ConnectedAI extends intelligence to machines around the world

Deep AI uses multidimensional analysis based on continuous, high-frequency observations to correlate insights, actions, and results.

ConnectedAI extends intelligence to machines around the world

Continuous safe connectivity for data aggregation as well as strong privacy controls ensure that access to data and associated intelligence is limited to authorized users.