Apply "Digital Six Sigma" with ei3's Downtime App

Eliminating downtime tantalizes manufacturers but remains firmly out of reach of conventional solutions like preventive maintenance and machine backups. This whitepaper focuses on ei3’s “Digital Six Sigma” approach and related tools and solutions that usher in a new age of productivity and improved OEE. Here, the IIoT forms the backbone of our Downtime Tracking solution, which captures and analyzes data the true, root causes of downtime using automated Pareto analysis so that managers may prudently allot time and resources, maximizing ROI and customer satisfaction.


  • Reducing or eliminating downtime altogether is the prime objective for manufacturers since it is a crucial, controllable factor. The causes of downtime can be understood in real-time with ei3’s solution, which collects and showcases data on various devices. This data is intelligible and presented open to input from different personnel, increasing legitimacy and efficacy. 
  • While ei3’s devices track EVERYTHING, they also provide ways for managers and executives to distinguish between important and unimportant events. Events that matter the most can get proper attention and resources. The option of operator notes can provide necessary explanation for certain events or add focus to others as necessary. 
  • In the interest of long-term troubleshooting, operators can determine the frequency of errors, how long it takes to repair them and more via generating Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) Reports. Features like maintenance alerts help the right personnel receive the right information when they need it, reducing lapses in communication. We also include a variety of API choices to enhance shop floor displays, adding customization like never before.
  • To illustrate potent use-cases for our Downtime Tracking Application, we follow through with four case studies of clients that are industry giants and how our application helped them. Improvements range from pure downtime reduction to increasing production time and massive savings in terms of energy expenditure.  
  • Lastly, ei3’s Downtime Tracking application is easy to adopt, and can be tailored for different use-cases. It accurately translates both: the mechanisms and the efficacy of the Six Sigma method often used by manufacturers and organizations alike into the world of IIoT solutions.

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