Delivering vertically integrated IIoT solutions with full-proof cybersecurity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a concept that firmly ties digital technology with machines and humans within its ecosystem. ei3’s solutions help clients implement this ecosystem within their factories and offices. These solutions involve transmitting crucial data to the cloud, making it vulnerable to costly, cybersecurity threats. 

Our solutions are secure by design, and clients can rest assured that while they can reap the benefits of our intelligent services, they do so safely.


  • ei3 has been delivering secure IoT services since 1999 when IoT was still a vague buzzword. This has led us to develop a relatively flexible approach, where we can connect to and gather data from various existing automation systems from B&R to Siemens without any hitches.
  • Beyond integration and adaptation, ei3’s unique solutions manage to consolidate the interests of both IT and OT teams with our “IT-Approved, OT-Managed” approach. So, while IT can still regulate data flow, OT can securely share it with key personnel promptly, which is often necessary to utilize our suite of IoT apps from remote SERVICE to DOWNTIME tracking in a beneficial manner.
  • Our compatibility and adaptation aren’t limited to the kinds of machines we can work with. Our solutions are completely integrated. We stay away from the ‘patchwork approach’ that involves trying to streamline a system of vastly differing brands and systems because it often creates new, unforeseen vulnerabilities.  
  • We conclude with a few additional industry practices that help us stay ahead of the curve and underscore our search for innovations. This includes, but is not limited to, a multi-tenant software delivery system and models like the Zero Trust Remote Access (ZTRA) adds additional cybersecurity layer to a world dependent on both the real and the digital spheres working together seamlessly.

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