Towards a more sustainable world

At ei3, we are driven by our passion for building sustainable technology that benefits people and the planet. Our commitment to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals guides our decision making, both in how we operate and in the products we produce.

We have made significant progress in three key focus areas, with clear and measurable results:


Our environmental strategy centers around application of innovative digital technologies that minimize carbon footprint by reducing energy usage, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing waste across all operations.


We prioritize our social focus on cultivating a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative workplace. We strive to attract, engage, and train talented individuals, fostering an environment where our team members can grow and thrive. Additionally, we aim to be a positive force in our communities, donating our time and resources to support organizations and charitable causes that share our values.


We maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in our operations. In addition, we partner with industry associations to exercise leadership in data governance and security, ensuring our clients’ data is safe and secure.

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As a long supporter of environmental concerns, I appreciate that businesses all over the world are becoming more aware of the effects of climate change and its causes. It makes me happy to see that the topic of sustainability has finally won a seat at the table. I am proud to share with you this report which highlights the actions taken by us in 2022 to build a sustainable future.

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ei3 partners with Land Rover for the third edition of the Defender Service Awards, following our successful collaboration in 2022. The awards recognize organizations across five categories: Animal Welfare, Veterans Outreach, Environment and Conservation, Community Service, and Search and Rescue. ei3 awards the “Community Service” category winner a $25,000 USD prize, with an additional $5,000 provided by the presenting sponsor, CHASE, for a total of $30,000 in support.

We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality in our data center operations globally

Our plan to neutralize ei3’s carbon footprint includes two key strategies: First, we  take all conceivable actions to maximize energy efficiency to lower our overall carbon footprint. Second, we offset those carbon emissions that we cannot directly avoid.

We build tools that drive change and empower our users to support the causes they care about

Whether it is maximizing the efficiency of their assets, reducing waste, or achieving ESG goals, we are dedicated to providing solutions that make a difference. We are constantly evolving our product suite to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses, and we take pride in helping our users effect meaningful change in their industries.