Quality Management for Smart Manufacturers

The Six Sigma method of process control is widely accepted in the manufacturing industry, and its various iterations allow entities to ensure peak quality and customer delight. But at ei3, we strive for evolution because nothing is practically perfect – and merge it with our arsenal of IIoT solutions. This paper examines the new frontier of Six Sigma and lets the reader explore its full potential while utilizing the same set of steps, augmented with our quality management tools and more.


  • It is no secret that online systems can help operators set performance standards effortlessly and homogenize them for single-machine setups or multinational ones. Quality control is all about observing deviations from these standards and taking steps to eliminate them. But how much can we truly measure?
  • Gone are the days of manual inspections and pen-paper operations to keep track of equipment or personnel-based results. It is difficult, if not impossible with current manufacturer setups that involve hosts of machines scattered across the globe. But with ei3’s offerings, measurement can reach its ‘100%’ mark, where data can be monitored continuously, centralized and visualized via intelligent displays.
  • Another key challenge to acknowledge: as machines increase in complexity, it is challenging to pinpoint root causes, mistakenly leading to faulty conclusions. With ei3, data does not remain in a ‘static’ state of review; it is collected continuously to ensure that root causes are detected and allows for alerts when machine parameters exceed set limits. Subsequently, improvements can also be configured to happen in real-time. 
  • From tools that offer correlations and operator dashboards that help pinpoint problems, control is a seamless activity that does not expend tremendous amounts of attention and energy. Essentially, all of these measures within ei3’s suite of Quality Management applications serve to boost client-manufacturer relationships, which goes a long way in this hypercompetitive environment that does not allow for carelessness and stagnation.

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