Discover ei3's exclusive approach to remote access where convenience meets heightened security measures

The ability to remotely access a machine provides self-evident benefits for technicians and operators alike. But what about security concerns that accompany this flow of information to so many networks? This whitepaper delves into ei3’s exclusive approach to remote access, where convenience meets heightened security measures


  • The paper begins by inviting the reader to look at commonly used, somewhat flawed systems that typically involve two layers. One is a networking layer that moves data packets from the controller’s working system to the machine and then a machine-controlling layer that lets operators transmit data to other third-party consultants. 
  • Naturally, this model, with its uncontrolled access comes with its own set of challenges from IP Access issues, cybercrime and the unauthorized control of crucial machinery on the shop floor – all of which are discussed here.
  • Our structured approach to Remote Access involves the participation and approval of IT and Operations Teams (OTs). Since IT is primarily concerned with its data security, we understand that the solution must be safe, manageable, and verifiable via IT protocols and personnel. But where does OT come in?
  • OT is mainly concerned with keeping production rolling via timely interventions and data sharing in the second part of this equation. Delays unfortunately serve to undermine the necessity of Remote Access – why implement it to solve real-time issues remotely if there are going to be other hurdles? Naturally, the solution has to provide OT with fine-tuned access, auditability and flexibility to be effective – while also being greenlit by IT teams so that there are no vulnerabilities. 
  • The last section enables readers to find the remote access solution that suits their needs by providing an essential checklist. This evaluates crucial aspects of your infrastructure like: IT/OT compatibility, dynamic configuration, traceability, conformation to global security standards and more to see if Remote Access is an immediate, or somewhat distant possibility for your enterprise. 

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