Amphion: Your Gateway to Secure and Successful Industrial IoT Operations

In this webinar about ei3’s Amphion, you will discover the superior data privacy and security provided by a managed secure network over alternative connectivity models. Based on this architecture, ei3 provides secure IIoT connectivity to thousands of industrial machines for remote access and continuous data collection. 

ei3’s unique two-tier deployment model addresses the specific requirements of both the IT and the OT teams, allowing the highest levels of security while providing fine-grain access control to vital production assets. The webinar will give a unique and up-close view of this architecture – the foundation for successful industrial IoT operations. 

This webinar is best for: 

  • IT managers and professionals involved in IoT network security
  • Industrial automation experts and professionals
  • Decision-makers interested in exploring secure IIoT network solutions

Adam Griffen
Product Manager, ei3

Access the webinar

Watch the AMPHION webinar to learn how it offers unparalleled security, control, and precise access using Zero Trust Network Acces (ZTNA)

The Industrial Internet of Things merges the worlds of IT and OT. The IT department regulates the flow and storage of information, focussing on security and privacy. The operating teams (OT)  deal with the network of interconnected devices on the factory floor, and wish to enable remote access to facilitate troubleshooting and keep machines running. Quite naturally, their requirements often collidate when it comes to rolling out an IoT solution. 



Controls a “green” Amphion that aggregates all data from a facility or plant, and maintains a single, encrypted and secured link to the outside data center.



Controls “red” Amphions that enforce user authentication and access rights to individual machine functions.